kashanclaws (kashanclaws) wrote in reptilefreaks,

Help... Please?

Sooo Andromeda, my female, layed eggs about a week and a half ago...

And I need some help.

I candled the eggs, and did see evidence of veins and what appeared to be an embryonic form inside the eggs.

However, now the eggs are caving. A lot. And I have no idea why. 

My temp in the Hovabator is stable. And the humidity is at about 70 percent. The are snug in the vermiculite. So... I dont know what else to do. I'd really like to be able to produce a clutch... I gave them a misting to see if that would help a few minutes ago.


And then there is Andromeda. She is, as she was after laying her first set of eggs, rather thinner. Her tail is pretty thin, and her skin hangs a bit around her abdomen where the eggs had sat.

Which, is pretty normal post-egg laying, and usually she eats up and goes right back to normal.

However, she is still refusing food. She doesn't care for mealworms (at all, usually), but I can usually tempt her with a pinkie. No dice. I've tried her on both this past week, and she has no interest what so ever. She'll watch the worm crawling for a moment or two, and then the gecko ADHD kicks in and she forgets about it.. And when I tried to offer her pinkies, she just shook her head (literally... what a Diva) and would walk away. I'd try to wiggle them in front of her and she'd like run away from it.

I just don't like seeing her so skinny and not interested in food.

Any ideas? I put 2 drops of a herp electrolyte supplement into her water when I refilled it today, and she eagerly drank soon after I set the bowl down. I'm hoping that stimulates her appetite a bit.

I keep a small bowl of calcium in her cage at all times. Although she seems to just like walking in it and making a mess with her little footprints all over the cage...

So, I'm cross posting this to a few Herp and Leo communities... Any help!??! I love Andromeda, and I really want to get her back to fat and healthy (like her lard-arse mate, Draco... who is a freaking fatty. what a pig)

All ideas and help would be greatly appreciated!!!!
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