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Russian Tortoise dropped in my lap...

So my sister's ex-boyfriend ditched out and left all his reptiles behind. She was able to re-home the friendly ones but no one wants this under-handled Russian Tortoise and since I'm the animal person he was dropped into my lap with nothing...
He does hiss at me but I haven't tried to pick him up yet... gunna get gloves first, I've been bitten by a red-eared slider so I think I wanna avoid another bite like that.

I looked up a care sheet and did get him some organic romaine lettuce for the time being as I don't get paid til the 1st.
Her ex has had him about a year and I have no idea what type of awful care this poor guy has received from that idiot. I'm gunna estimate he's just a little over a year but have no idea. Is there a way to age these guys?
I would love any tips you guys have as well as links to good sites or other communities that can help me with this guy.
I'm getting him a UV/heat lamp ASAP as he does not have one and I know he does need one.

As of right now I'm not sure if I will be keeping him or finding him a new home. I've been wanting a reptile but wasn't expecting one yet.

Any advice would be awesome.

I was given the OK to keep him so I'm going to. Any advice on hand-taming would rock.
Here's a little group of pictures along with his new name.

click image for full view
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