no (zy6omat1c) wrote in reptilefreaks,


Hello! I have a question and I hope someone may have an answer.

I have two female leopard geckos, Claudia (6 years), and Chlio (4 years). Neither one of them have really eaten for over a year now. I've tried numerous times to offer food, and every so often, they'll eat maybe one cricket or one worm, then cease to show interest. They're both alert, active, and the picture of health otherwise. Their tails have shrunk, but overall they don't look malnourished. I keep dishes of multivitamin powder and calcium in with them, which they munch on occasionally. I mentioned their anorexia to an exotics vet (during an appointment for my bird) and he said not to worry about it, and to just monitor them to make sure they're healthy.

Does anyone know why or what this is? They both used to be very voracious eaters, and Claudia was even overweight at one point. Is this brumation? I keep the temp steady and nothing has changed in all my years of owning them. Any input would be appreciated :) 
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